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Aircraft Hangar Doors

the World's most reliable and longest lasting hangar doors.

PowerLift doors allow your aircraft to have year-round, reliable access. You’ll appreciate the confidence our local manufacturing, installation, and long-term support bring to your life.

PowerLift’s has the industry’s lowest headroom requirement (try 0″!), making new buildings less costly by lowering construction costs. Our industry exclusive outside mount adds additional height and width when you’re ready to replace an old bifold, fabric, or overhead door.

Whether you fly planes, jets, or helicopters, and no matter what size door you need, PowerLift has the answer. We will design, build and deliver the exact door that meets your needs.

PowerLift Doors Solving Aviation Entry Challenges.

We’ve helped thousands of pilots with every hangar door requirement imaginable! Here is a small sampling of our completed projects.

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Choose A Location Near You

With fabrication and service centers across North America, our products, service and support are always close by. Choose a location that suits you.