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Zach Campbell heads our engineering and design team, with decades of experience in every aspect of PowerLift doors and walls. Our whole team will help with every step of your PowerLift project. Doors that are clad with glass, masonry, wood or other materials, remote controls, switches, and high wind load requirements are just part of the day’s work for us.

You will find further design information at the links and downloads below.

The chart beneath shows opening loss in inches by door size. The numbers reflect inches of width lost each side/inches of headroom lost For example, 3/5 signifies 3″ of width lost each side (total width loss of 6″) and 5″ of headroom lost.

Remember: zero clear opening loss is easily accomplished by specifying PowerLift’s exclusive outside mount design.

All information provided should not be used for the act of manufacturing or construction of single panel hydraulic doors. All PowerLift Hydraulic Doors products and methods are trademarked. All images and designs are the property of PowerLift Hydraulic Doors and may not be copied without the written permission of PowerLift Hydraulic Doors.

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