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Customer and Contractor Info

At PowerLift we’ve been honored by being part of thousands of fascinating door and opening wall projects. We’ve worked closely with hundreds of building contractors around North America.

Here we’re posting some details you should be aware of when preparing openings in a new or existing building for a PowerLift installation. You’ll find trim and cladding tips as well that will simplify the process, making happy customers.

Please review this information and the drawings shown. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for clarification when the need arises.

PowerLift Clear Opening Size Lost. Chart Shows Inches Lost On Each Side/Inches Loss In Height. 3/5 Means 3″ Lost On Each Side (Total Width Loss Of 6″) And 5″ Of Headroom Lost.
For Retrofits, PowerLift’s Unique Outside Mount System Offers Zero Width/Height Loss.

All information provided should not be used for the act of manufacturing or construction of single panel hydraulic doors. All PowerLift Hydraulic Doors products and methods are trademarked. All images and designs are the property of PowerLift Hydraulic Doors and may not be copied without the written permission of PowerLift Hydraulic Doors.