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PowerLift Advantages

PowerLift takes Every single project seriously.

Our business operation model centers on single source accountability. That means we design, build, deliver, install, and support each PowerLift door and wall, ensuring integrity all through the process. PowerLift imposes lower building loads than most door options, and our designs deliver style and function with low maintenance.

All PowerLift Hydraulic products provide reliable performance, and put an end to the maintenance challenges that are part of all other doors.

We also have the door industry’s only single-unit structure! Our all-welded panels eliminate all bolts and screws, which will fatigue and loosen over the years. PowerLift has absolutely the tightest weather seal of any door. When your door shuts, weather extremes stay outside.

Single Source Accountability.

We have 40 Local manufacturing locations across North America staffed by Factory Trained PowerLift Professionals.

Stay safe on the Ground: no ladders, lifts, or climbing required!

Hinges: unique strength & safety hinges.

Choose A Location Near You

With fabrication and service centers across North America, our products, service and support are always close by. Choose a location that suits you.