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PowerLift Hydraulic Doors

Innovating Access Solutions Since 1992

Welcome to PowerLift Hydraulic Doors, where innovation meets functionality. Since our inception in 1992, we’ve revolutionized access solutions across various sectors. With over three decades of expertise, we’re proud to present our refined range of hydraulic doors, designed to cater to diverse industries.

Our Diverse Product Range

Glass Hydraulic door


Engineered for excellence, our aviation doors offer unrivaled access and security for your aircraft, be it a plane, jet, or helicopter.

Events center 2 21' x 14' PLift & french doors WA post PS reduced for website (1)


Tailored to meet the robust needs of the agricultural sector, these doors ensure reliable, year-round access to your facilities.

Commercial complex befunky


Merging all commercial products, our industrial doors are the epitome of strength and durability, perfect for businesses seeking large-scale solutions.

Golf restaurants Doors


PowerLift's architectural doors blend aesthetics with functionality. 

Explore Our Locations 

With over 45 local manufacturing locations across North America, PowerLift Hydraulic Doors is always within reach. Our widespread presence ensures that you have access to our high-quality, custom hydraulic doors and personalized service wherever you are. Explore our network to find your nearest PowerLift facility for dependable solutions and support.

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Our Diverse Product Range

Our comprehensive collection, including detailed specifications, CAD drawings, and technical guides, is tailored to facilitate seamless integration of our hydraulic doors into various projects. Whether your focus is on aviation, agriculture, commercial, or architectural applications, our resources are designed to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our team of experts is always on hand to provide personalized consultation, ensuring your vision is realized with precision and flair. Explore our design resources and let PowerLift Hydraulic Doors be a part of your next successful project.


About Us

Since 1992, PowerLift Hydraulic Doors has led the way in hydraulic door innovation. We pioneered the industry with the world’s first production line of hydraulic doors and continued to set standards with our unique ‘Cushion Close’ system. Committed to quality and tailor-made solutions, we have grown across North America, offering reliable and efficient doors for various sectors. At PowerLift, we don’t just build doors; we open gateways to new possibilities.

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