• Hydraulic Opening Walls

    Hydraulic Opening Walls

    Attractive, reliable, flexible

    What more could one ask for in a wall.
    The architectural applications to PowerLift door and opening
    wall systems are virtually endless.

  • Aircraft Hangar Doors

    Aircraft Hangar Doors

    Fast and reliable operation

    Redundant fail-safe operation, tight seals and fast operation make PowerLift door systems the preferred choice in modern hangars.

  • Hydraulic Door Systems

    Hydraulic Door Systems

    Aircraft hangars
    and fast-response equipment

    PowerLift hydraulic door systems provide precision, air-tight enclosures with
    redundant fail-safe operation that lead the industry in reliability for extremely
    demanding environments.

  • Hydraulic Door Systems

    Hydraulic Door Systems

    Solutions for all
    agricultural applications

    Zero headroom loss for maximum clearance, remote access and fast door
    operation are important aspects to smooth agricultural operations.


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At PowerLift we are continually engaging our customers and discovering new and unique applications for our products. See us at one of these events to learn more about the many advantages of the PowerLift solution.


to PowerLift Hydraulic Doors

For over 25 years, we have held quality, professionalism, reliability and service at the forefront of our efforts. With many industry patents to our credit, we continue to lead the industry in the technology and development of door and hydraulic systems for enclosures of virtually any size.

We thank you for your visit and we hope that you find it informative. We invite you to contact us at one of our many locations, or continue reading to learn more about our product and history.

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Only PowerLift has been building hydraulic doors continuously since 1992, longer than anyone else in the industry. Only PowerLift provides local manufacturing, sales, and service throughout North America, giving you confidence in knowing we will always be there when and where you need us. what door should you buy? Only PowerLift!

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The oldest and most trusted name in the industry

For over 25 years, we have held quality, professionalism, reliability and service at the forefront of our efforts. With many industry patents to our credit and over 11,000 door systems installed, we continue to lead the industry in the technology and development of the best door and hydraulic systems for enclosures of virtually any size. Continuously developing and building these products since 1992 is a claim that only PowerLift can make.

Our highly trained family of fabrication and support centers are strategically located across the continent and have extensive experience with enclosures of over 100’.

  • 10000

    Door installations

  • 10000

    Hydraulic Systems Installed

  • 20000

    Hydraulic Cylinders Sold

  • 10000

    Happy customers


Quality and service backed by a reliable promise

Thousands of our customers believe that when strength, reliability, ease of use and a tight seal matter most, hydraulic door systems are the only option. When quality, reliability and service count, we have earned the distinction of being the most dependable choice in the industry.

PowerLift Hydraulic Doors offers the only lifetime-of-the-building warranty in the industry. Our patented innovations, from hydraulics and hinge systems to engineering and manufacturing, lead the industry in strength and quality. Experience and commitment to service are easily stated. At PowerLift we guarantee these promises with the best warranty in the business.


What some of our customers have had to share

    The Poplar Grove Airport has, traditionally, in the past utilized Bi-Fold doors. In fact we have over 250 hangar doors here and in the last 10 years have only installed hydraulic doors. As you may be aware we installed (6) 54’x14’ Power Lift Doors last year and our customers are very happy with them.

Steve Thomas

Poplar Grove Airport

    Quality doors! They are fantastic people to work with and we appreciate the fast professional service they provide. We’ve built many buildings where we’ve recommended these doors and will continue to recommend them. We look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Trevor Armstrong

Hoffman Building Systems LLC, Minnesota

    This is just a great door. They are great people to work with and provided great service. Absolutely the best door I ever owned.

Joe Weber

Minnesota Cattle Farmer

    Rick you were right! I wish I had listened to you and did the second door right away. The doors are great and work better than I imagined. I appreciate everything you have done for me. You guys are the greatest!…

Roger Oolman

Iowa Pork Producer

    My 40×12 door is hands-down superior to a bi-fold hanger door. It is trouble free, dependable and air tight.

Dan Ellefs

    After fighting with our overhead shop doors for years, we replaced them. We have never been happier! The doors and service are top-notch.

Dale Vos

    When building our shop the best decision we made was the PowerLift Hydraulic Doors. They are a durable, dependable door that seals tight and opens fast

Reed Kvittem

    I really like my PowerLift door. The door has been really trouble-free and it is nice to just drive straight in with the combine head already on my combine. If I was going to build another building I would definitely do another PowerLift door.

Tom Dreesen

South Dakota Grain and Hay Farmer

    I am very happy with my PowerLift door. I have three on my shop and machine shed, wish I had more. Thanks for a great product.

Kelly Krog

Minnesota Farmer

    Dad and I love the door it works great! We like the full clearance and speed of the door and it really ads style to the building over traditional doors...

Jason Frink

Nebraska Grain Farmer

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