In 1992, the world’s first production line of hydraulic doors came into existence at our shop. The succeeding 31 years have seen exponential growth, as we expanded our footprint with local manufacturing facilities all over North America. PowerLift doors hold ‘premier choice’ rank, thanks to sterling performance across many industries.

In 2014 we introduced the industry’s first (and still the only) ‘Cushion Close’ system, with cylinders that reduce door speed for the last few degrees when closing. You’ll hear how PowerLift doors close far more quietly than others.

When you choose PowerLift, our decades of experience is applied to your own project. We’re the only company building, delivering, and installing every door. We have extensive experience, both with smaller doors as well as those well beyond 100′ in width.


PowerLift Hydraulic Doors give you year round, reliable hangar access. You will appreciate the confidence that comes from having local manufacturing, installation, and long-term support close at hand. PowerLift’s very low headroom requirement reduces new building height requirements, lowering construction and climate control costs. Our exclusive retrofit outside mount system provides for zero headroom loss when replacing any old bifold, fabric, or overhead doors. Whether you own a plane, jet, or helicopter or whether you need a smaller, midsize or extra large door, PowerLift has your solution. We will design, build and deliver a PowerLift door solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Each PowerLift Location is a separately owned and operated business.

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