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Five Doors, 540′ Clear Width

PowerLift, the industry leader In wider & taller doors.

4 - 112' x 28' & 1 - 88' x 28 PLift doors NC (99) post PS resized for website

PowerLift is your ‘Century Plus’ door specialist.

The five PowerLift doors shown here provide a total of 540′ in width, all with full 28′ in clear opening height. Many new hangars have been built in this area recently, featuring PowerLift doors ranging from 90′ to 113′ in width.

PowerLift ‘Century Plus’ doors range from 100′ to 150′ in width. These doors can be installed in new buildings, or as retrofits in older hangars. PowerLift retrofits will increase your clear opening height and width, thanks to our industry-exclusive mount system.

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