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Hangar With 6 Doors and 132 Windows!

windows, windows Everywhere!

Hangar With 6 Doors and 132 Windows!

A striking design for these new hangars and their 6 doors.

Sited among all the windows are 6 hangars accessed by 6 PowerLift doors, all measuring between 60′ and 70′ wide. Each door was designed to have 16 integral windows. You’ll notice a couple of hangars have a taxi-through design for easy aircraft movement.

It’s hard to see, but each successive door moving away from the office area differs a tiny bit in height as the building conforms to slightly sloping terrain. Since every individual PowerLift door is a custom design, this was easy for the contractor to accomplish.

PowerLift doors provide the ultimate in reliability and convenience for any new (or retrofit!) hangar project. Every single door is designed, built, delivered and installed by a group of professionals for the ultimate in performance.

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