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Air Park, Wide Array Of PowerLifts

new and retrofit doors everywhere you look With more on order.


A single PowerLift door at an airport usually leads to many more.

PowerLift owners have experienced our turn-key local installation and service, they realize we help make every hangar door project easier.

The blue and gray hangars pictured all have 54’ x 14’ doors with our inside truss doors. The red hangars’ roof profile reflects the shape of ‘bowstring trusses’ salvaged from a century old Ford dealership. PowerLift blends together the form, color, and small-pane window style for an arresting appearance.

The beige hangar home has a 42’ x 14’ door that replaced an older failed door. You’ll notice that it has PowerLift’s zero headroom loss design which is unique in the industry.

Whether you need one, fifteen, or one hundred hangar doors, choose the quick response and decades of experience that have made PowerLift ownership a pleasure for tens of thousands of pilots.

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