Faux sliders in PowerLift door.

From the road this new hip roof insulated shop presents a timeless look, even to the point of having traditional sliding doors. However, when the owners are using their shop, a 48′ x 16′ insulated PowerLift door opens at the touch of a remote for maximum access.

A PowerLift door is a blank canvas, offering you free rein for any artistic touches you’d like to add. Any style window, cladding, trim, mural, or aspect ratio is easily achieved.

Contact us and we’ll design the ideal door for your building project with any type of siding or appearance you desire.

Sketch out your idea and send it to us.

The genesis of this attractive PowerLift ‘Diamond M’ style retrofit door was a customer’s quick crayon sketch along with a picture of their building that had a damaged overhead door.

We pay close attention to every inquiry we receive about PowerLift doors, with or without an accompanying sketch! Just present us your vision in any form, and we’ll work closely with you to make it a reality.

Whether it’s a new building or a retrofit project, you will appreciate the expertise we have developed over the course of nearly 20,000 PowerLift door and opening wall installations.

Thanks for visiting us at Oshkosh!

It was a pleasure meeting so many of our PowerLift door customers last week in Wisconsin at the EAA Oshkosh show.

We also appreciate the many inquiries about and interest in PowerLift doors for both new construction and retrofit installations. PowerLift has the solution for every older hangar with worn-out sliding, bifold, or overhead doors.

Please contact us about a PowerLift door for your hangar door application. You will appreciate the confidence and quality our single source accountability and depth of experience bring to the table.

Old hangar before and after PowerLift!

A PowerLift door will make your old building feel and function like new! Access to this old hangar was via a complicated system of 6 overhead doors, which created large maintenance headaches. The center door was higher to allow taller tail aircraft access. All six doors were failing when the owner called PowerLift.

PowerLift designed a twin outside mount retrofit installation, substantially increasing clear opening height across the entire building. With a remote operator, pilots can now open either PowerLift door from the cockpit while taxiing in.

Contact us about a PowerLift retrofit – our extensive experience and personalized service will add a lifetime of usefulness to any building.

PowerLift Hydraulic ‘Century Doors’ – 100′ plus wide.

PowerLift has built more 100’+ wide hydraulic doors than all other companies combined. We have in operation for 29 years with over 15,000 door installations in hand. The result is a wealth of engineering and fabrication expertise to successfully complete your largest and most challenging projects. We offer single source accountability by building, delivering and installing every door.

We deliver!

PowerLift doors don’t arrive at your place as do-it-yourself kit packages. We build and deliver your door, then we install it in your building. PowerLift doors are not held together by bolts, screws or other fasteners: they are a single piece, all welded unit for a lifetime of structural integrity.
We can install a PowerLift door in any new or existing structure on your property: steel, post frame, Quonset, and hoop buildings are all easily fitted with a PowerLift door.
Contact us about your door plans. We’ll design, build, deliver and install a custom PowerLift door that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Enhance steel building access with PowerLift.

Ease of entry in both new and old steel buildings is often limited by design limitations inherent with bifold, sliding, stacking or overhead doors. The building above was initially built with stacking doors that were hard to use and restricted opening width. The solution was a 90′ x 20′ PowerLift door retrofit. The other two steel buildings shown are both new construction with 90′ x 20′ and 66′ x 20′ PowerLift doors respectively.
Please contact us today! We can help you increase ease of access for any new or old steel hangar, farm structure or commercial building.

Q is for Quonset.

There are many older Quonset style buildings all across North America that are not functional due to door issues and failures. Sliding doors on most Quonset buildings extend beyond the building walls when open so wind damage is a constant threat.
We can maximize your Quonset opening height and width with a PowerLift retrofit door. A quick call to PowerLift will restore the usefulness of your Quonset building.

New life for old buildings.

So many old buildings have doors that are difficult to open and unsightly. The original doors  may be stuck open or fallen off, allowing free entry to birds, animals and human trespassers.
Whether your building is 20 or 100 years old, you can add years of life and greater usefulness by installing a PowerLift retrofit door.
In most cases ,we can also increase the size of your door opening, making your building even more useful. Please give us a call today!

All glass opening walls.

Owning a PowerLift glass opening wall means weather never comes between you and your view. Your PowerLift glass wall can be closed, fully open or partially open and will be the main focal point and conversation starter for any room in your home.
In collaboration with your architect and glass company we can create a glass wall in any room of your home, garage, pool house, toy-box or gazebo. Please contact us today!

PowerLift isn’t a long distance relationship!

You’ll find the PowerLift door ownership experience is unique in the industry. Other door companies require you to interact with representatives at a distant location you will never meet in person.
Our 43 local PowerLift manufacturing locations across North America provide personalized attention before, during and after your door installation. You personally meet the people who build, deliver and install your door. We measure your opening before starting fabrication, then produce an all welded, custom door we deliver and install. PowerLift eliminates the potential pitfalls that come with ‘bolt-together’ door kits you have to assemble and install on your own.
Contact us and enjoy owning the best door available. Support from your local PowerLift team comes standard with every door and is something you’ll enjoy for years.

PowerLift features all-welded construction.

Owning a PowerLift door brings you the peace of mind inherent with having just one moving part for your whole door assembly. There are no bolts, screws, or other fasteners to work loose. PowerLift doors eliminate the cables, straps, tracks, rollers, pivot points and other moving parts that have made owning old-style doors such a maintenance challenge.
Time not spent on maintenance becomes free time for you to enjoy hobbies, earn money, or be with friends and family. Call PowerLift and simplify your door ownership experience.

Waterfront views all year.

The focal point of your waterfront home is the view overlooking the river, lake or ocean. A PowerLift glass opening wall permits enjoying your view of the water in every season, every mood and any weather

As you will see in the bottom picture, a full screen system can easily be installed inside your PowerLift glass wall. You can enjoy the outdoor experience while keeping out insects in the summer.

Contact us and we’ll design the ideal glass opening wall for your retreat.

Consider a wider door.

 Wider doors make for easier access. They can eliminate the necessity of moving stationary aircraft or equipment to allow others to enter or exit your building. If you store smaller vehicles like ATVs, mowers, snowmobiles or motorcycles in your hangar or shop a wide door makes leaving quick and easy.

At any given height, increasing the width of your PowerLift door doesn’t add a lot to the cost.You’ll appreciate the simplified access your wider door provides for many years to come.

Windows in a pattern.

You may need a large door but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to a blank, uninteresting appearance. We can design your door with any window size and whatever placement style you desire. This attractive PowerLift door is the central focal point in the commercial building of which it forms a part. Note the color accent provided by the red walk door.
Remember – with PowerLift you can choose any type and color of cladding, produce your own design layout, select colors and specify precise window and walk door placement. Big PowerLift doors don’t need to be boring doors!

Maximum door height!

This customer needed a 14′ clear door opening – a full 2′ higher than the 12′ sidewall height of this RV storage building. The design solution was a ‘hat style’ truss for the center bay of the building along with a PowerLift door. We can meet almost any challenge – just tell us about your door design objectives.

Hidden cylinder doors and walls.

PowerLift hidden cylinder doors and walls are just what the name implies – the cylinders and lines are hidden from view in the closed position.

As you can see in the picture above, the PowerLift glass wall in this room has the appearance of a fixed window when closed. When weather permits, it opens and becomes a pass through serving window with seating and/or counter space on the inside.

Contact us and enjoy a personal PowerLift glass wall in your home. You can have lunch or drinks in front of it while enjoying the view any time of year. In seconds you can partly or fully open your PowerLift wall to be in tune with the weather or your mood of the moment.

Before and after!

A PowerLift door is a ‘better than new’ choice for old buildings! This well-maintained Quonset hangar (see bottom picture below) had old sliding doors that were stuck open. The new PowerLift door with its windows and walk door greatly improves the hangar’s appearance and function. While taxiing in, the pilot can open it at the touch of a remote.

PowerLift retrofit door designs often increase opening width and clear entry height. Contact us about a PowerLift retrofit – you’ll add decades of usefulness to any older building.

PowerLift across North America

PowerLift doors are manufactured, delivered, installed and supported by local professionals all across North America. Whether you are in California, New Brunswick, Alaska or Florida we are nearby, not just an email address or anonymous voicemail message. Your door is a long-term investment – you will appreciate how our single source accountability makes for a seamless process before, during and after your door is installed and working.

Create a unique appearance

You can work with an unlimited option palette for the finish and trim of your PowerLift door. Combining your choice of cladding materials, colors, windows, walk doors and other design elements will make your PowerLift door a focal point of your building design. Let’s collaborate on a unique PowerLift door that makes a powerful statement on your new or existing building.