PowerLift across North America

PowerLift doors are manufactured, delivered, installed and supported by local professionals all across North America. Whether you are in California, New Brunswick, Alaska or Florida we are nearby, not just an email address or anonymous voicemail message. Your door is a long-term investment – you will appreciate how our single source accountability makes for a seamless process before, during and after your door is installed and working.

Create a unique appearance

You can work with an unlimited option palette for the finish and trim of your PowerLift door. Combining your choice of cladding materials, colors, windows, walk doors and other design elements will make your PowerLift door a focal point of your building design. Let’s collaborate on a unique PowerLift door that makes a powerful statement on your new or existing building.

Lots of Lights

In nice weather a PowerLift door also becomes an outdoor canopy with lots of natural light. Many PowerLift owners also install lights on the inside of the door which become overhead lights when the door opens. A PowerLift door is a pleasure to own in so many ways.

Minimum Headroom Loss

This new construction warehouse demonstrates how PowerLift delivers full opening clearance with 2′-3′ less wall height. Construction is less expensive, and eliminating ‘dead space’ above the door opening creates savings every day on heating/cooling costs. PowerLift headroom loss can be as little as zero – contact us and we’ll design an efficient door for your project.

Unique RV Storage Door

This customer wanted their RV storage building to have a door that is fully concealed in the closed position for a seamless appearance. The team at PowerLift designed a door that accomplished these objectives.