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Raised drivit panels complement Stone and stucco building design features.

Raised Panel Drivit Door Cladding

PowerLift allows your door to be finished to your precise specifications.

This shop with its understated elegance is sited among Ponderosa pines high on an escarpment in the Black Hills. Raised panel Drivit was the finish chosen by the owners for their 28′ x 14′ PowerLift door.

PowerLift walls and doors open at the touch of a button and provide you and your architect a blank canvas for the ‘door art’ of your dreams. We regularly build doors designed to be clad with glass, wood, burnished steel, masonry, and many other materials: you can make your own custom material selection.

Your home, outbuildings and every one of your doors can all reflect your design flair by choosing PowerLift.

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