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Fabric Freestall Barn, Two 40′ x 20′ PowerLift Doors

brand new New dairy facility.

Fabric Freestall Barn, Two 40′ x 20′ PowerLift Doors

Livestock barn conditions are tough on ordinary doors.

Each endwall of this building has a 40′ x 20′ door. PowerLift doors are much stronger, resisting the bumps and thumps administered by cattle and machinery moving about the barn.

A PowerLift door at each end of the passage makes drive through feeding a cinch. You’ll have a remote operator in the tractor cab, so you’ll never again have to climb in and out to open or close doors.

Corrosive environments make for high maintenance on overhead or bifold livestock barn doors. PowerLift doors mean years of reliable, low maintenance service in beef, dairy, poultry, or hog facilities.

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