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‘Heart Of Bluegrass’ Horse Barn Has 6 Doors

Classic Horse barn, 2 - 60' x 18' and 4 - 20' x 18' Doors

‘Heart Of Bluegrass’ Horse Barn Has 6 Doors

A barn for the ages centered in the world’s premier horse country.

This new building with its striking 7-12 roof pitch has a 60′ x 20′ PowerLift door in each endwall. PowerLift’s all-welded strength is a wonderful asset in horse barns with their attendant movement of horses, feed and machinery. The sidewall access doors all measure 20′ x 18′.

A PowerLift door at each end of any passageway makes moving horses and drive through feeding much easier. With a remote operator in your pickup and tractor cabs, you won’t waste time and energy opening and closing doors.

Horses stables tend to be higher in humidity, creating high maintenance for overhead or bifold doors with all their small parts. PowerLift doors are providing reliable, low maintenance service in horse facilities all over North America.

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