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Hangar Has Salvaged Trim Elements

Hangar with direct runway access, trims with many origins.

This is Tooltip!
This is Tooltip!

This hangar interior has unusual and striking trim elements.

Many accents you see here were salvaged from old buildings owned by this pilot over a lifetime. He and his brother built a hangar in 1977: materials salvaged from old corn cribs and barns kept their first hangar affordable. When designing this new hangar home years later, much of what they used in that first 1900s/1950s/1977 project was saved and put to new uses.

Reclaimed steel covers part of the PowerLift interior. In the center of the door interior, salvaged wood is arranged to create the illusion of a sliding door. Other old wood is in place as window surrounds and wall motifs. The red floor resembles the Scoria rock outcrops in the field occupied by the old hangar.

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