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PowerLift Closes In Open Wall

two doors in a formerly wide open 104' wall.


Full-time security thanks to 52′ x 14′ PowerLift doors with zero headroom loss.

After a few years, the owners found open walls weren’t the best storage building option. Dust blew in on their machinery, and birds moved in and out freely. They knew that PowerLift retrofits let owners use every last inch of headroom, so they got in touch.

Overhead and bifold doors reduce clear height by 2 – 3′, but these 52’ x 14’ PowerLifts have zero height loss. The new walls open and close by remote control, so there’s no leaving a truck or tractor cab.

One door has a built-in walk door, so getting into the shed is easy. The whole wall is now weather and animal proof, and it was accomplished without losing any clearance!

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