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Barn & Manure Separator Building

extreme duty doors needed for these projects.

Barn & Manure Separator Building

Dairy farm addition and remodel has 6 PowerLift doors.

PowerLift doors are installed as feed alleys and cattle access doors in this new barn. They all have have UHMW plastic interior liners, so are impervious to moisture and make for easy power washing. Five of these PowerLift doors are in a new addition, and one PowerLift retrofit replaced a worn-out slider in an older barn. PowerLift doors make every part of your livestock operation work properly.

Manure separator shed has two 24′ x 14′ Doors.

Manure separators have an atmosphere that’s highly acidic, attacking the many small moving parts in ordinary doors. A PowerLift door is best for all humid environments. We build doors with the heaviest, simplest components, so they perform reliably in any challenging application.

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