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Fabric Covered 150’ x 500’ Beef Barn

these Beef operators chose sturdy PowerLift doors.


Cattle movement and cleaning out are easy, thanks to these 6 PowerLift doors.

The building end walls each have 60’ x 18’ and 18’ x 16’ doors, while each sidewall has one 14’ x 16’ PowerLift.

All-welded PowerLift doors take in stride the rough and tumble that’s inherent in livestock facilities. These doors have interior plywood liners, which protect the exterior steel from damage. They are covered with gates while not actually being used.

Three of the doors have built-in walk doors, allowing owners and employees to enter the barn easily.

Humid environments are a recipe for high maintenance with ordinary doors. PowerLift provides decades of reliable, low maintenance service in any beef, dairy, poultry, or hog installation for peace of mind.

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