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Pool House Features Eight Glass Opening Walls.

The owners of this striking octagonal pool house, set high in the mountains among Ponderosa pines, chose to PowerLift create 8 opening glass walls for year round versatility and convenience. Three of these are full height and width at 15′ x 6′, the other three are bar top style measuring 15′ x 5′.

When closed, the reflective glass transforms these walls into works of art as they perfectly mirror the landscape, sunrises, sunsets, and cloud formations. Any or all of the PowerLift walls can be opened partially or fully to match the owners mood or adjust to weather conditions.
Contact us about the next opening wall project you have in mind! Your own personal wall doesn’t have to be clad in glass: any type of siding (or combination of sidings) can be easily included on a PowerLift wall system.


Please tell us about your glass wall project.