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PowerLift Tri-State Doors
2085 W Co Rd 400 N North Vernon, IN 47265

Rolla and Linda Millspaugh, owners, welcome you to PowerLift Doors Tri State! We would love to help with your next door project anywhere across Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

We design, build, deliver, and install PowerLift doors and walls from our own local manufacturing facility. There are tens of thousands of happy PowerLift owners across North America whose daily experience confirms our leading place in the door industry.
We will create the perfect door for your new aviation, commercial, farm or architectural project. Our range of experience in removing and replacing old sliding, bifold, fabric, or overhead doors with PowerLift retrofits is also unequaled. PowerLift retrofits improve access to older buildings by increasing both clear opening height and width.
We’ll be glad to call on you we’re in your area, tape measure at the ready. We will look over any new or older building project with you. We are only a phone call away at each stage of your PowerLift project, and there for support long afterward!

Local Projects