PowerLift Doors of British Columbia
5320 Canyon-Lister Road Canyon, BC V0B 1C1

Welcome to PowerLift Doors of British Columbia from Eugene Wiebe, founder, and all the team! We've been involved in the steel fabrication business since 2001 at our facility near Creston, British Columbia. Call us about your next door project.

We design, build, deliver, install PowerLift doors and walls from our own local manufacturing facility. Tens of thousands of content PowerLift customers around Canada and the USA are a testament to our leadership in the door industry.
We can design a door that’s perfect for your new aviation, commercial, farm or architectural project. You can also count on our depth of experience when it comes to removing and replacing old sliding, bifold, fabric, or overhead doors with PowerLift retrofits. A PowerLift retrofit expands your clear opening access, increasing height and width.
Just ask us to stop by next time we’re in your area: we’ll be there with tape measure in hand. We’re glad to look over any new or older building project you have in the works. We’re just a phone call away at any stage of your PowerLift project, as well as for support long afterwards!

Local Projects

Helicopter Hangar

This Northern British Columbia helicopter hangar has been retrofitted with a 50’ x 16’ PowerLift door, replacing an old bifold door that failed. With a PowerLift door, you can retain 100% of your headroom rather than losing 2-3’ as is the case with most other doors.

A PowerLift door is the strongest, lowest maintenance and best value available for your hanger. Contact us about any new or retrofit project and we will be glad to help.

Flight school w 2 - 70' x 22' PLift doors NC (3) post PS