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PowerLift Doors Great North
9171 Township Road 822 Silver Valley, AB

Welcome from Wallace Isaac, owner and founder of PowerLift Doors Great North! Our family has been in the steel fabrication business for decades at our facility near Silver Valley, Alberta.

PowerLift doors and walls are designed and built right here in our local manufacturing plant. Tens of thousands of PowerLift customers all over Canada and the USA can confirm the trouble-free performance of our doors year in and year out.
Have us design the right door for your new aviation, commercial, farm or architectural project. You can also count on our depth of experience in removing and replacing old sliding, bifold, fabric, or overhead doors with PowerLift retrofits. PowerLift retrofits noticeably increase building access, as they expand clear opening height and width.
Call and have us stop by next time we’re in your area – we’ll have our tape measure in hand. We enjoy looking over any new or older building project you have in process. We’re a quick phone call away at all stages of your PowerLift project, and close for support long after!

Local Projects