PowerLift Doors Great North
9171 Township Road 822 Silver Valley, AB

Welcome from Wallace Isaac, owner and founder of PowerLift Doors Great North! Our family has been in the steel fabrication business for decades at our facility near Silver Valley, Alberta.

We are local specialists who manufacture PowerLift hydraulic doors for any new aviation, commercial, farm, or architectural project. Once we finish building your door, we will also deliver and install it. When we leave your property, your door will be operational.
Our experience is unmatched, with tens of thousands of installations across Canada and the USA. We’re familiar with all aspects of removing and replacing older sliding, bifold, fabric, and overhead doors with PowerLift retrofits. We can increase your existing clear opening height and width with our retrofit doors.
We’ll be happy to stop by, and look over your building when we’re in the area. Your door will be custom built right here in our shop. Our all-welded construction, a PowerLift exclusive, produces a precise fit, and eliminates distortion that happens when bolts and other fasteners work loose. With PowerLift, you’ll have just one provider for your door project from start to completion.

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