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PowerLift Doors by French Manufacturing
20960 636th Street Dodge Center, MN 55927

Welcome and thank you for visiting our family-run business in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Rod French, our founder, opened his own steel fabrication shop in 2001 after years of experience in the industry. Hundreds of PowerLift door installations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa attest to our expertise in the field. A turn-key PowerLift door is the best choice for your aviation, commercial, farm or architectural project. Replacing existing doors with a PowerLift hydraulic door puts an end to struggles with older sliding, bifold or overhead doors. We’ll be glad to stop and look at your existing building and suggest a simple PowerLift solution. Custom built in our own shop, every PowerLift door features all-welded construction and a precise fit. Once your door is complete we personally deliver and install it. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind this single source accountability provides. We’re just a phone call away at every stage of your PowerLift door project including long after completion! We look forward to serving your door needs today and in the future.

We are your local PowerLift hydraulic door manufacturers, with designs that suit any new aviation, industrial, farm, or architectural project. Once we have built your door, we will deliver and install it. When we drive away, installation is complete, and your door is operational.
Our depth of experience is unmatched, as we have tens of thousands of doors working every day all over the continent. We are also specialists in every aspect of removing and replacing old sliding, bifold, fabric, and overhead doors with PowerLift retrofits. Our retrofits will expand your current clear opening height and width for improved ease of entry.
We’ll be happy to come by and measure your building next time we’re in the area. Your personal door will be custom built here at our shop. Our all-welded construction, exclusive to PowerLift, creates a precise fit and stops the problems that occur when bolts and screws loosen over time. With PowerLift, there’s a single person responsible for your door project from start to finish.

Local Projects

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