Airpark Remodel, Beautiful PowerLift Retrofit Door

When replacing old doors, PowerLift expands clear opening height for improved access. From the ‘before’ image, you’ll see the taller clear opening we achieved in this retrofit installation. We can meet any requirements you have during renovation, up to and including zero-headroom loss.

You’ll have a seamless experience with PowerLift in any new or older hangar project. Construction costs will be lower, as we don’t need extra building height used only for headroom.

Airpark hangar home
Airpark hangar home retrofit 41' x 12' MD (45) post PS resized for website
Hydraulic door Hangar retrofit

Before and after!


A PowerLift door is a ‘better than new’ choice for old buildings! This well-maintained Quonset hangar (see bottom picture below) had old sliding doors that were stuck open. The new PowerLift door with its windows and walk door greatly improves the hangar’s appearance and function. While taxiing in, the pilot can open it at the touch of a remote.

PowerLift retrofit door designs often increase opening width and clear entry height. Contact us about a PowerLift retrofit – you’ll add decades of usefulness to any older building.

PowerLift Show on RFD-TV.

Farm Door Powerlift
PowerLift was honored to appear on a recent RFD-TV show highlighting our product line-up. The show format featured door presentations as well as call-in segments from producers around North America.
The link below leads to the Facebook recording of the show.
Please contact us today! We can custom build the exact door you need for your cash crop, livestock, dairy or specialty farm operation.

Contact Us When Planning Your Airport Expansion

Legendary Local Service Plus The Lowest Cost Of Ownership.

Choosing PowerLift doors permanently eliminates down time and maintenance costs associated with ordinary hangar doors.
Contact us early with your plans, and our design teams will save you money collaborating with your building company and contractors. We’ll create a seamless installation process, whether you’re plans are for 10 or 200 doors.
Every year we also remove and replace thousands of failing hangar doors. PowerLift retrofits will expand clear opening height and width in all your existing hangars.
You and your maintenance team will be part of the PowerLift door experience thousands of airport managers have come to depend on.

Stone Barn With Wood Door

This eye-catching new stone barn gives every appearance of having been in place for 200 years. The right styling cues from the early 1800s are all in place including the wood PowerLift door with its crossbuck trim, small pane windows, faux iron hinges, and iron door handles.

We can help you achieve an aura of any era from modern to medieval on any new or existing building for personal or business use.

Contact us: we’ll help you design the ideal door or opening wall for your project with any type of siding or appearance you desire.

It’s Easier To Clad And Trim A PowerLift Door

It will take much less time for you or your contractor to install siding on a PowerLift than any other door style. Our all-welded, one piece panels let you use full length, single sheets of any standard cladding material.
Since bifold doors have two panels, they’ll take about twice the time to cover and trim as a PowerLift door. Other doors have a central truss design, so both top and bottom panels must be nibbled to fit around truss components at every point of contact. This is time consuming, and difficult to do properly.
Our single panel design creates a far superior weather seal than any other door offers. Get in touch, and we’ll design the ideal door to suit any project you have in mind.

Every day is a PowerLift day!

All PowerLift doors are delivered and installed once they are built. Our professional door teams start out under the Northern Lights, on a stormy day in Florida, or across the Western mountains. When our day is through, your door is installed and operational.
PowerLift doors are not assembled with bolts, screws or other fasteners. We are the only manufacturer that builds a single piece, all welded door, ensuring structural integrity for a lifetime.
Contact us about any new or retrofit door project you have in mind!

PowerLift Support: Unavailable Anywhere Else At Any Price!

With PowerLift, you never have to try assembling and installing a door kit that shows up in pieces with sketchy instructions. Every PowerLift product is built, delivered, installed and supported by local PowerLift professionals you meet face to face.

At PowerLift, you won’t be anonymous with only an email address as a point of contact. Once our factory trained team has installed your door and made it operational, they’ll be sure you have their cell phone number before leaving your property. You’ll have a personal connection with them anytime need arises.
Contact us and start enjoying the seamless door experience thousands of PowerLift owners have learned they can depend on.

Wider Doors Make Access Easier.

Many customers ask for suggestions about door dimensions. Experience has shown us us that a wider door makes using any building more convenient.

Aviation hangars, truck garages, and farm machinery sheds often house multiple units that need to be moved in and out individually. The wider your door, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to move a specific plane, truck, or tractor without shifting a lot of other items out of the way.

PowerLift will build any size door you want or need. All our doors, from the largest to the smallest, have the tightest weather seal possible, require as little as zero headroom, and eliminate maintenance headaches.
Contact us anytime, and we’ll design the exact PowerLift door or wall needed for your personal application. We can supply both the appearance and function you have in mind.

Any opening, any size, any sort of structure.

Powerlift Doors- Mobile Store
We receive many inquires starting with the words “Is it possible…..”?  Is it possible to put a PowerLift opening in a container? in a canvas hoop building? in the heirloom barn my great-grandfather built? in an old Quonset building? In a new steel building? in the rec room of our lakefront home? in a horse barn? Our 30 years of design experience means our answer to your door and wall opening needs is an emphatic ‘yes”!
A PowerLift door lets you choose any design, any aspect ratio, in any size from large to small. You’ll have the tightest weather seal possible, the convenience of having no tracks or threshold across your opening, and no maintenance demands to hinder your enjoyment.
Contact us and we’ll design the ideal door or wall for the application you have in mind, ready to be clad with any sort of siding to produce the exact appearance you desire.

Unnecessary building height is costly.

Select a PowerLift door and you’ll eliminate the expense of an additional 2-5′ of building height required for headroom by overhead, fabric, tilt-up or bifold doors.

As you will see on projects shown here, PowerLift doors require as little as 0″ of headroom in either new or retrofit applications. Unnecessary building height affects heating and cooling costs as well, as there remains 3-4′ of unusable ‘dead space’ above the door opening.
Contact us and we’ll be glad to design a door that maximizes both the efficiency of your building and its ease of access.

PowerLift’s Annual Meeting Was Inspiring.

Once a year, PowerLift personnel from across North America spend two days together. During this time we have constructive, intense discussions centered on enhancing door and opening wall solutions for the various industry sectors we serve. This year we looked ahead to projects, plans, and product innovations for the future while reviewing details of unique installations from the past year.

Three of our exclusive electronic and hydraulic control suppliers were also present, showing us new products, recent developments, and providing in-depth training.
The combined experience and insight among those present at our 2022 Spearfish, SD meeting would be a credit to any Fortune 500 gathering.

We aren’t resting on our laurels, but are extending our lead at the cutting edge of the door and opening wall industry. Attendees agreed that we’re experiencing substantial business expansion in our architectural, aviation, commercial and agriculture divisions.
All those present returned to home base with a renewed commitment to provide the best solution for every door and wall project that comes our way over the next year.