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Transfigure your door from ordinary to classic with PowerLift.

You don't have to be a 'Real' artist to sketch a powerLift design!

‘Diamond M’ Retrofit Started As Customer’s Crayon Sketch

Pencil, pen or crayon and a piece of notepaper are all you need.


While doodling at the table or drawing while you talk on the phone, take a picture of the result and scan it to us! Our starting place can be anything from a simple drawing to professional architectural rendering: we’ll make either one into an attractive reality.

This design with its ‘Diamond M’ trim motif is a beautiful door, replacing the damaged overhead door shown in the ‘before’ picture. PowerLift doors require no maintenance and are truly doors designed for a lifetime.

Together we can create the appearance only a PowerLift door can add to your farm shop or commercial building.

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