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Dealership With Tall Shop Doors

Service bay doors, full 20' clearance.

Kubota dealership w 2 - 18' x 20' PLift doors TX post PS resized for website (10)

PowerLift is the most reliable door for your high-cycle application.

These service center doors operate multiple times daily without a glitch. There’s an 18′ x 20′ at each end of the service area, letting large machinery move through easily.

No other door has an integral all-welded frame, header and door structure. All others are built using bolts, rivets, and screws which eventually will loosen.

Businesses around North America are using PowerLift doors in their new and older buildings. Replace older sliding, overhead, and bifold doors with our retrofit designs to increase entry clearance. Owning PowerLift doors takes one item off your list of maintenance duties.

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