Here’s what people are saying about PowerLift Doors

Building our company’s corporate hangar, we were in a spot with a new building and no solution for the large hangar door for the main aircraft entrance to the building. Even though our door was one of a kind at the time, being completely paneled in glass and over 110 wide, PowerLift had all the right designers and team members on board to get the job done, and done right.

Our job was treated as a top priority. Even though the nature and size of our door has taken additional calibrations and adjustments, that work has been treated with the appropriate urgency as well.

We have now met numerous PowerLift franchise owners, as well as owner Rick Peterson himself, and all seem to reflect the high character and work ethic of Rick and the rest PowerLift team. We fully recommend PowerLift and in our opinion, there is no one else to consider in this category if you are in the need for a hydraulic or large format door.

-Caleb Bruner, Facility Design Lead, Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.

Finding a company that listens to the customer first, responds appropriately and delivers what they promised is tough to find.  Rick Peterson and his Powerlift team answered our questions, addressed our concerns and accommodated our preferences with humble confidence.  Last but not least, they delivered on every promise that they made!

The lifetime warranty on the structure of the door is unmatched and speaks volumes about the product.   We needed a 110’ wide by 28’ tall door that was safe, efficient, reliable, easy to maintain and looked awesome on our corporate hangar.  Powerlift delivered on each of these requirements.

Rick and his team have provided excellent customer service each step of the way and continue to check in to make sure we are happy.  I would highly recommend Powerlift to anybody looking for a hydraulic door.

-Phil Ward, Director of Aircraft Maintenance, Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.

Fink-Farms-150x150 Dad and I love the door it works great! We like the full clearance and speed of the door and it really ads style to the building over traditional doors…
Jason Frink/Nebraska Grain Farmer

kelly-krog1-150x150 I am very happy with my PowerLift door. I have three on my shop and machine shed, wish I had more. Thanks for a great product.
Kelly Krog/Minnesota Farmer

IMG_0167 I really like my PowerLift door.  The door has been really trouble-free and it is nice to just drive straight in with the combine head already on my combine.  If I was going to build another building I would definitely do another PowerLift door.
-Tom Dreesen/South Dakota Grain and Hay Farmer

When building our shop the best decision we made was the PowerLift Hydraulic Doors.  They are a durable, dependable door that seals tight and opens fast.
— Reed Kvittem

After fighting with our overhead shop doors for years, we replaced them. We have never been happier! The doors and service are top-notch.
– Dale Vos

My 40×12 door is hands-down superior to a bi-fold hanger door. It is trouble free, dependable and air tight.
– Dan Ellefs

poplargroveThe Poplar Grove Airport has, traditionally, in the past utilized Bi-Fold doors. In fact we have over 250 hangar doors here and in the last 10 years have only installed hydraulic doors. The primary benefit is simplicity and maintenance required. The Bi-Fold doors require regular maintenance, primarily cable adjustment as well as maintenance on other moving parts such as pulleys, winch and latches. We’ve found the hydraulic doors require virtually no maintenance. One door installed several years ago has been maintenance free, not even a drop of hydraulic fluid. As you may be aware we installed (6) 54’x14’ Power Lift Doors last year and our customers are very happy with them.

Steve Thomas/Poplar Grove Airport

Roger-Oolman3-150x150Rick you were right! I wish I had listened to you and did the second door right away. The doors are great and work better than I imagined. I appreciate everything you have done for me. You guys are the greatest!…
Roger Oolman/Iowa Pork Producer

joe-weber1-150x150This is just a great door. They are great people to work with and provided great service. Absolutely the best door I ever owned.
Joe Weber/Minnesota Cattle Farmer

Quality doors!  They are fantastic people to work with and we appreciate the fast professional service they provide.  We’ve built many buildings where we’ve recommended these doors and will continue to recommend them.  We look forward to working with them in the years to come.
– Trevor Armstrong/Hoffman Building Systems LLC, Minnesota