PowerLift Options


PowerLift Options: Each PowerLift door can be equipped with additional features to increase the its safety and efficiency. These options can be purchased with any new or existing PowerLift Door.

Remote System:
Each PowerLift door can be equipped with a heavy duty remote system which can operate the door from a distance of approximately 200-300 feet away. Keep in mind that these remotes work in the same manner as our pump so they also have the safety advantage of the constant contact switch which will stop the door if you lift your hand off the button. These remotes can be utilized for 1 door or many depending on your situation.

2ButtonRemote 4ButtonRemote6ButtonRemote  10ButtonRemote


Tractor Back-Up System:
The Tractor Back-Up system comes with 20ft hoses contained in snakeskin with under pressure couplers at one end and ½” pipe thread fittings on the other end.  This system enables customers to attach their door to a piece of hydraulic equipment such as a tractor and operate their door.  The under-pressure couplers make it easy to hook up to the door even if the door is under pressure.


Parker Couplers:
These parker couplers can be connected under pressure and can be used with any piece of hydraulic equipment that has a male coupler to attach the female to.

DSC00494-300x221 DSC00496-300x212

PowerLift PowerPak:
The PowerLift PowerPak is a compact unit that allows you to operate your hydraulic door or any other piece of hydraulic equipment without electricity.  It uses a deep cycle battery to operate hydraulic equipment in case of a power outage or any other loss of electrical power.  Just think of how useful this would be for those times when the power is out and you still need to open or close your door. The PowerLift PowerPak can also be used to operate any hydraulic cylinder so it is a useful tool to operate farm equipment in your shop during the cold months of the winter.


Electric Over Hydraulic Locking System:
The Electric Over Hydraulic Locking System provides added assurance that the door will not come down because of a hydraulic failure. In this application, we would install electric locks on the cylinders that need to be provided with an electrical current to allow the cylinder to retract. These are especially useful in aviation settings.

If you need additional information or pricing information, please contact your closest PowerLift location.